Day Sixteen - A Travel Day

Not a very exciting day today, as we were flying out from Dublin to Edinburgh. Had brek at the hostel and shared a table with two young girls from Washington and California who were moving to Ireland for a year of work and travel. Apparently it is very easy to get a one year Visa if you are a recent graduate. They plan on just working and travelling their way around Ireland. One of them was a track athlete, her sport being the hammer throw!

Had a bit of time before we had to catch our Air Link bus to the airport, so took a last minute wander around the area. In retrospect, I wish we had planned a couple more days in Dublin, as there were certainly things that we didn’t get to see. All the more reason to come back, I guess!

The trip to the airport was without drama, checking in and security not as bad as we had been told it could be. The flight was a good one, no turbulence to speak of, despite the weather. It was cloudy and damp when we grabbed the Airlink into Central Edinburgh, but not raining, so we decided to hoof it over to the apartment. With only one wrong turn we made it there, though most of it was uphill, not fun when you are dragging suitcases. It just started to drizzle as we got close to the apartment, so fortunately we weren’t too wet.

The apartment is a lovely little flat with a bedroom, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, and sitting room. It will do quite nicely for our week here. We had a little down time, then decided to head out for grocs. The Lidl is quite close, so we stocked up there on breakfast foods and took them back to the flat. Since it was pouring rain at that point we opted to find a nearby restaurant and duck in there. Turned out to be the Wild Yarrow, which was Greek/Turkish, so we had the skewers, chicken for me and lamb for Irv, followed by a sticky toffee pudding for dessert! And I think I have found my new go-to cider - Thistly Cross!