Day Twenty-three: A Travelling Day

Today started off with a quick early trip over the to Scottish Poetry Library. I had decided yesterday that I wanted to pick up a copy of the book "Gifted" which is an account of the Book Sculptures of Edinburgh. Unfortunately the library is closed on Mondays, so I hoofed it over in the morning for its opening at 10:00. Made it back to the flat just in time to vacate as our hostess was coming in to clean!


An uneventful trek down to the train station to catch our train to Glasgow. (I love how easy and efficient train travel is in Europe!) The trip is only about an hour through the Scottish countryside. Arrived at Queen Street station and made our way over to the flat with no problems - it was only about a fifteen minute walk. Got settled in, then went back to Bar 91, where we had picked up the keys, to grab a bite. After that, we decided to take a bit of a wander around the area. First thing we found was a huge mural on the side of a building right near us that takes up a city block. It is only one of many murals around the city that I am hoping to find. This one is called Fellow Glasgow Residents Mural by a local artist named Smug. It is a collection of all types of animals found in Glasgow's parks and green spaces.


We wanted to find the Buchanan Bus Station where Irv would catch the bus out to Glengoyne tomorrow. Passed by George Square on our way, so checked out all the statues - Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, various political figures and statesmen, and in the middle a very tall column with Sir Walter Scott at the top. Impressive, but not anywhere near the monument they have in Edinburgh!! Found the bus station easily, then took a stroll down around the shopping district, and then in search of a grocery store to buy some breakfast foods. Struck out on that, but did come across a Timmies! We were pretty gob-smacked to find one of those in the middle of a Scottish city. Didn't stop to grab a double-double, but we certainly will have to try it out before we go to see if their coffee is as good as home!


Found a Sainsbury that was not too far from our place, so grabbed a few brekkie items and headed back to the flat. For whatever reason, we were both pretty bagged, so opted to just eat in for the night. So I headed back out and found a nearby Tesco and grabbed some pasta and panninis. Gourmet dining at its finest!